Chairman word

"The Most important advice in this field is to stress and emphasis on the concept of success is only gift granted from Almightily Allah for those who working hard with pure intention & utilize their personal skills in the service and satisfaction of Allah .

In addition , The most important reasons for mastering & improving the work as follow :-

1- The commitment of contracts and its terms " O ye who believe! fulfill (all) obligations"

2- The contracts must be excluded all terms that are contradicted to Islamic law , specially the " Delay penalties " , only if should harm done , evaluated by its real value , not by fixed pre-evaluated value .

3- Doing without interest-based finance " Allah will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity " this is done by establishing a self- financing money & shareholding companies away from based-interest bank loans.

4- Treatment based on Justice & charity to all employees inside & outside the company.

5- Applying the technical specifications through the authorized scientific references , mainly " The Egyptian Code to prepare the general specifications for Business" and " The general terms for constructions contracts"

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